The pilgrim insurance covers the following situations:

*Accidental Death
*Medical expenses incurred by accident or sickness
*Dental expenses because of accident
*Prescription medicines (Medical expenses)
*Medical evacuation
*Repatriation of mortal remains
*Emergency travel for one family member
*Accommodation expenses for one family member
*Loss of luggage
*Luggage arrival delay
*legal bail bonds
*Loss of documents

In case any of the situations that are subjects to coverage may occur, the beneficiary, before taking any action or making any payments, will contact the telephone Assistance number 303-2418/ 6255-9467 and will identify their situation, will give them their personal information (complete name, group ID number, personal ID or Passport number, personal contact number or of a person who accompanies them and the name of the person who accompanies them if necessary), as well as the place where they are and the type of service they need.