How: The payments can only be made by credit card or bank transfer. In your reserved area, after filling all the required information, the system will allow the option to pay, showing the total amount and the option to pay.

When you click the button to pay, a box will appear where you can choose the payment method (credit card or bank transfer). Depending on the payment method chosen, a button will appear to access the international bank transfer instructions or a box to begin the process to pay by credit card.

Please take the time to read the international bank transfer instruction to verify the Beneficiary Bank and Intermediary Bank codes that your bank will need. The codes contain all the information (of the international bank transfer system) that your bank will need for the transfer. In case your bank does not use the provided codes in the instructions, we reccommend that you consult directly with your bank to successfully make the transfer. We also ask you to ask your bank for its transfer rates as well as those of the intermediary bank.

Note: The payment of fees and charges for international transfers is the responsibility of your group and should be paid in the same transfer (Total registration amount + total transfer fee amount).